Advanced Parenting Instructors

Here is an example survey that you can use to help make sure you’re clear on parents’ goals and overall needs in this program.

Below is the six seven week course:

Week 1Module I is Up & At’em – How to get them up and working toward forward progress throughout the day. Intro is the overview and should be viewed first (16 min) Additional videos are here for: Table Setting, Chores, Personal Hygiene, Table Manners, Meals Together and Morning Wakeup Routine. Bonus: Fine Fits, Tantrums and Rages
Week 2Module 2 is Respect – Why and how to build it, Intro is the overview and should be viewed first (18 min) Additional videos are here for Bedtime, 3BI, walking together and talking. Bonus: Fun Family Activities to Build Trust (your homework!)
Week 3Module 3 is Attaching Heart to Heart How to connect with a Challenging Child. Additional videos are here for: Arguing, Defiance, Balance of Give & Take, How to Praise/encourage, Snuggle Time & Wild and Whacky Family Fun. TWO bonuses: Give Back Rub and Wind Down Massage.
Week 4Module 4 is a special week for Parents and kids! Additional videos are a special project for kids and inspiration for parents.
Week 5Module 5 is Healing the Brain of a Traumatized Child. Research backed tools to heal the brain including before and after brain scans! Additional videos are: Tools to fine tune corrections, Punishment vs Consequences, Taking the healing program up a notch!
Week 6Module 6 videos include After School Routine, Friends, Pets, Playtime, Dealing with Feelings, Hierarchy of Chores.
Week 7BONUS WEEK – In The Kitchen: This bonus week includes videos covering eating habits, the GAP diet, toxins in the kitchen and behavioral results of nutritional deficiencies. Enjoy four bonus worksheets too!

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