August 2018 Teen Camp

Thank you for registering for the Heartsmart for Teens Course at the Advanced Parenting Academy. Before we get started, please take a moment to fill out a survey that will help me get to know you. By filling out this survey, you can help me make sure I’m clear on your goals and overall needs in this program.

The six week course begins When you are ready:SaveSave

Week 1Week 1: Module I – Introduction to HeartSmart for Teens – How to get them up and working toward forward progress throughout the day. Intro is the overview and should be viewed first Additional videos are here for: Food for Fuel, Correcting Teen Behavior with Brain Based Behavior Interventions, Meal Planning resources. TWO Bonuses: Nancy’s new cookbook for busy parents, Food for the Heart and Soul and a poster to hang up
Week 2Week 2: Module II – Respect – Why and how to build it, Intro is the overview and should be viewed first. Additional videos are here for: Resistance and Rages, Needs & Wants and some fun family activities. Bonus: Nancy’s secret giant bubble recipe (your homework!)
Week 3Week 3: Module III – Focusing Healing Inward Building Self Image, Conscience Development, Healing Pattern to watch for, Fun Family Activity (cookies!) Bonus: Taking it To The Streets, (Independent Living Skills and Daily Living Skills)
Week 4Week 4: Module VI – Illegal, Unsafe, Scary Behaviors and How to Overcome Them – It is so scary when our teens get into toxic poisons that can damage their brain! Here are some insights and ideas to help with this very challenging problem until their heart heals enough so they can stop themselves. This module includes how to deal with: Drugs, Drinking, Lying, Staying out Late, Stealing, Suicide and Cutting, and the Driver’s License. It is a load of heavy topics all here to help you lighten it up and be prepared.
Week 5Week 5: Module V- Power Tools. Here is your launch to module #5! It includes details on hugging, demo films of right and wrong and dealing with “don’t touch me.” Putting your heart against theirs is their heart medicine and the fastest medicine! Additional videos are: Sex, Violence, and Using a Feelings Journal. All are designed to take the healing program up a notch!