Thank you for registering for the Heartlink for Tots Course at the Advanced Parenting Academy. Before we get started, please take a moment to fill out a survey that will help me get to know you. By filling out this survey, you can help me make sure I'm clear on your goals and overall needs in this program.

The six week course begins When you are ready to start big changes:

Week 1Week 1: Module I - Introduction to HeartLink for Tots - How to prepare. Gearing up for the program that will save your sanity. Proper equipment, safety tips, diet, etc. The excitement is about to begin!! Intro is the overview and should be viewed first. Additional video is here for Meal Planning during the course. Bonus: Nancy's new Cookbook for busy parents, Food For the Heart and Soul.
Week 2Week 2: Module II - From Food To Sleep! -Intro is where you start. Additional videos are here for Exercise, Feeding, Siblings, Sleep and Leadership. Bonus: Mini Massage and the full Itsy Bitsy Spider Poem
Week 3Week 3: Module III - Focusing Healing Inward - Begin with the Intro first. Additional videos are here for: Self Care, Healing Clues ( so you know what to watch for as they heal!) Control, and fun ideas with ONE SUPER FUN project. Bonus: Nancy's secret GIANT bubble recipe
Week 4Week 4: Module IV - Nurture and Structure - This week we have great videos on setting Limits and doing corrections when they are ready. The full massage is here and will take it up a notch in the healing and move it faster. Well worth it! Bonus: Mom to Mom ( a gift from experienced moms to you!)
Week 5Week 5: Module 5 Leading a Little one to Healing These wounded little ones need strong leadership to feel safe. Guide them with strength and love and as they bond they will follow you and learn to do as you do. That feeling of safety is essential for the brain to heal. Lead them well! Vital topics are covered this week including Leadership, Solutions to Violence, Dealing with A Comfort Toy or Blanket.
Week 6Week 6: Module 6 Headed toward Healing After your Intro be sure to watch additional videos including; Understanding the 1 and 2 year Cycle, Birth Family Visits, A Baby Showing RAD, Going out, as well as What to do after this program. Bonus: Research