Five weeks into the class 80% of parents taking this course reported a clear reduction in violence and 100% reported an increase in their happiness at home! What past students are saying:

"I have been helping out more with the kids. The last time we talked to you on the phone helped us a lot." John, VA

"The most valuable thing was the weekly support meeting where I got to see the faces of the other parents who were struggling with the same stuff I am. Knowing that you are not alone and seeing their faces every week really helped. I wanted the community. And that's why I joined." VIP Mom Melissa AK

"We've heard from many professions that they did not know what to do next with (M). She just wasn't getting any better. After you hear that for five years it gets very discouraging. Every time I've done a phone call consulting with Nancy I immediately call my husband and tell him I am encouraged!" VIP Mom Cindy, MN

"For so long I would question what I was supposed to do. For the last six weeks any issue that came up I could email you or ask at the meeting or on the phone I could ask you the littlest questions to the biggest questions and that was very helpful. For so long Mike and I would look at each other and we would just go: 'What do we do?', wondering and wondering and not having the answers. On this course we were able to get answers on big things and little things." VIP Parents Mike & Maureen, Canada

"I feel like we have these roadblock problems and when we talk to you, Nancy, you have so much experience you've had one to three answers for us. Even though I have read through your materials you have given us a lot more ideas for how to handle situations." VIP Parents Tim & Cindy, MN

"You have given us tools that can help our little girl. We have dreamed of this day. We started reading your book 6 months or so ago. We applied some things which helped. But, we have been doing some of these new things and it is working fantastically, Superbly, and Amazingly! You know what I mean. I am so excited.
A lady is watching our child once a week while my husband and myself watch these videos. She said, "Your little girl is not the same child she was 2 years ago." She is doing GREAT! Boy howdy do I know it.
I have to run and get her to bed! I can't wait to say thanks in person. I am a new mom! My child will actually hug me! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! Thanks with all our hearts" Brent & Shari, Colorado